Are you a reSister who would like to participate? We are happy to add you to the list of women waiting in the queue for this exact sign used at the Women's March. Please message us via the contact page. Since the travel of the actual sign is slow, you may want to consider making your own (see below!).


We encourage and appreciate women making their own 'Transactivism is Misogyny' signs to pose with. This allows our movement to grow faster. The message and sisterhood is far more important than the presence of a singular sign. Get crafty, women, because we know you are!

Email us your submission to:

Include your location (city, state, country). Make sure your photo is close-up (generally a torso crop, not entire body), with good lighting and your face visible. Consider the serious nature of this project and don’t get too playful or posed—this is warrior business, after all!

share your experience

In addition to the photo collection, the Project has a blog featuring women's personal accounts of abuse. If you’ve been silenced, slandered, harassed, blacklisted or had your livelihood/housing put in jeopardy for being gender critical or speaking about male violence, female biology and sex-based oppression, we want to know.  

Many people have no idea how intense and insidious these witch hunts are. It’s our hope that compelling stories can give context and change the left's perception on this polarizing issue, rallying women’s support and ultimately forging legal protections to stop these misogynistic and lesbophobic attacks. 

These blog posts are anonymous, and can be as long or specific as you want. It's a way to contribute if you are unable to share your photo (for fear of threats or job loss), which we understand. Write about why you are afraid to speak up, and why this issue matters.


It's important that we document this abuse. Submit screenshots to one of these great platforms that are archiving these threats: Terf is a Slur, Banned by TransAnti-Female Receipts or Centering Women.